A Selection of Trading Tools

Position Size Calculator

The Position Size Calculator is a key tool for Risk Management.

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Economic Calendar

The economic calendar tool provides useful information about macroeconomic events.

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Margin Calculator

The Margin Calculator helps to calculate the margin required to open and hold positions.

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Pip Calculator

The Pip Calculator is a tool which will display the value of a pip for a selected currency pair.

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Pivot Point Calculator

The Pivot Point Calculator is used to calculate pivot points and determine the overall trend of the market.

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Fibonacci Calculator

The Fibonacci Calculator is used for attempted determination of possible price correction levels.

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Paquete MT4 Booster

Tune-up your MT4!

With our MT4 Booster Package you can easily and quickly extend the trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4) with additional functions. The package includes useful tools like the Alarm Manager, the Correlation Matrix or the Tick Chart Trader as well as important indicators like the Keltner Indicator or the Renko Bar Indicator, which definitely supports you while trading or analyzing the market.

GBE Volume Apps - Función y Especificaciones

GBE Volume App 1 – Ayuda a los traders a calcular automáticamente el volumen del lote, al mismo tiempo que indica el nivel de riesgo deseado en porcentaje o cantidad a los niveles Take Profit y Stop Loss en puntos o en pips del capital disponible.

GBE Volume App 2 – Identifica los niveles requeridos de Stop Loss y Take Profit para alcanzar los objetivos financieros. Simplemente, agrega la ganancia y la pérdida deseada en cantidad o porcentaje, agrega la cantidad de lotes deseados ​​y opere con facilidad

If you are still wondering: "Why GBE brokers?", you will find your answer here.


Deposit protection for customer funds
Protection against negative account balances


Excelente atención al cliente

Personal contact person
Fast deposits and withdrawals
Access to market analysis and trading tools

Las mejores condiciones

Low transaction fees
Spreads from 0 pips
Extremely low execution times

Conviértase en un trader de GBE brokers y abra su

Trading Forex and CFDs is risky.

ElementElective Professional ClientsRetail Clients (ESMA Measures)
Major indices1:501:20
Major currencies1:2001:30
Account Features
Client Relationship Manager
Negative balance protection
50% margin close out rule
Client Money Remains Segregated
Eligible for ICF (Investment Compensation Fund)
Retain rights to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service*
Best Execution & Trade Confirmations
Key Information Documents