SymbolTypeMonday 20th of February - Presidents Day
FXFXNormal Hours
XAUUSDMetalsEarly Close 21:30
XAGUSDMetalsEarly Close 21:30
XPDUSDMetalsEarly Close 21:30
XPTUSDMetalsEarly Close 21:30
CryptosCryptosNormal Hours
NE25.cIndexNormal Hours
AUS200.cIndexNormal Hours
DE40.cIndexNormal Hours
DJ30.cIndexEarly Close 20:00
ES35.cIndexNormal Hours
F40.cIndexNormal Hours
HK50.cIndexNormal Hours
JP225.cIndexEarly Close 20:00
STOXX50.cIndexNormal Hours
SWI20.cIndexNormal Hours
UK100.cIndexNormal Hours
US500.cIndexEarly Close 20:00
USTEC.cIndexEarly Close 20:00
VIX.fIndexEarly Close 18:30
Shares .DESharesNormal Hours
Shares .MCSharesNormal Hours
Shares .PASharesNormal Hours
Shares .OQSharesClosed
Shares .PSharesClosed
Shares .NSharesClosed
Shares .ASSharesNormal Hours
Shares .HKSharesNormal Hours
Shares .OSharesClosed
USOIL.cEnergiesEarly Close 21:30
UKOIL.cEnergiesEarly Close 21:15
WTI_OILEnergiesEarly Close 21:15
UKBRENT.fEnergies FuturesNormal Hours
NGAS.fEnergies FuturesEarly Close 21:30
USOIL.fEnergies FuturesEarly Close 21:30
GOLD.fMetals FuturesEarly Close 21:30
SILVER.fMetals FuturesEarly Close 21:30
USCOPPER.fMetals FuturesEarly Close 21:30
SOYB.fCommodities FuturesClosed
USCOFFEE.fCommodities FuturesClosed
USCORN.fCommodities FuturesClosed
USWHEAT.fCommodities FuturesClosed
CC.fCommodities FuturesClosed
CT.fCommodities FuturesClosed
LCC.fCommodities FuturesNormal Hours
LRC.fCommodities FuturesNormal Hours
LSU.fCommodities FuturesEarly Close 19:00
ORANGEJ.fCommodities FuturesClosed
SB.fCommodities FuturesClosed
JPN225.fIndices FuturesEarly Close 20:00
NE25.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
CHINAH.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
DE40.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
DJ30.fIndices FuturesEarly Close 20:00
DX.fIndices FuturesEarly Close 20:00
ES35.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
HK50.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
SWI20.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
UK100.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
US500.fIndices FuturesEarly Close 20:00
USTEC.fIndices FuturesEarly Close 20:00
US2000.fIndices FuturesEarly Close 20:00
F40.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
AUS200.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
SING.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
IND50.fIndices FuturesNormal Hours
EUROB.fBonds FuturesNormal Hours
EUROS.fBonds FuturesNormal Hours
EURIB.fBonds FuturesNormal Hours
EURUSD.fBonds FuturesEarly Close 20:00
TY10.fBonds FuturesEarly Close 20:00
FGBL.fBonds FuturesNormal Hours
FLG.fBonds FuturesNormal Hours
All times are server time (GMT+2)
ElementElective Professional ClientsRetail Clients (ESMA Measures)
Major indices1:501:20
Major currencies1:2001:30
Account Features
Client Relationship Manager
Negative balance protection
50% margin close out rule
Client Money Remains Segregated
Eligible for ICF (Investment Compensation Fund)
Retain rights to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service*
Best Execution & Trade Confirmations
Key Information Documents