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Trading FX and CFDs is risky.
We cover you with negative balance protection.

Why Is Forex Trading Risky?

The forex market is notoriously risky and You must have noticed the numerous risk warnings that adorn all regulated brokers’ websites. Here at GBE brokers, we want You to be aware of the risks involved in forex trading, so that You can make wise trading decisions.

The forex market presents skilled traders with plenty of opportunities to profit from market movements, but also carries significant risk of loss. All traders, even professionals, sustain both wins and losses, but those who are most successful have solid risk and management processes in place. 

So what can You do to protect Yourself?

Don’t Over-Leverage

Leverage can be dangerous territory for newbie traders. By depositing a small percentage of the position You want to open (Your ‘Margin’) and applying leverage to cover the rest, You can open substantially larger trades than Your own personal capital allows. If the market moves against You, You may receive a ‘Margin Call’, which is basically a request to deposit more funds. Use leverage responsibly and in line with a well-thought-out trading plan.

Do Keep an Eye on the News

Financial news and economic releases can create significant volatility and increase trading risk in the forex market. Make sure You check the news regularly and stay well-informed about news that could positively or negatively affect Your trading results.

Do Educate Yourself

By learning how to trade in our demo environment, You are arming Yourself with crucial skills. You need to know Your platform like the back of Your hand. You need to be able to react according to Your trading plan. And You need to have tested Your strategies before trading with real money.

The best way to learn how the markets work is to see them in action on our risk-free demo.