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Trading CFDs and Forex involves significant risk of loss
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Why CFD trading

Why CFD trading?

Easy and flexible handling

Buy and sell uncomplicated and enjoy the flexibility of CFDs.
Spread your funds easily to different values, e.g. commodities and precious metals.

Low costs

The occasional costs for buying and selling CFDs are very low.
Intraday-transaction costs do not apply. If long position CFDs are not sold the same day they have been bought, you have to finance the whole underlying.

Transparent pricing

There are no complicated formulas or calculations and factors like remaining terms and volatility are not necessarily required for CFD traders.
The cost structure is simple and easy to overlook.

Benefit from falling prices

With a CFD you can´t just trade on rising markets, you also can go “short” and trade on falling markets.
As a private investor, you are not allowed to act in short selling normally. With a CFD you are able to trade short selling easily.

Be global

As a CFD trader, you can trade global. With a CFD account you have easy access to international markets in real-time. You are able to trade fast and uncomplicated.

Use the leverage effect

One of the best benefits is the possible leverage effect. With that effect, you can benefit from small market movements already with little capital.

Hedge your stock values with CFDs

If you hold shares, which you don´t want to sell, you can hedge them by short-selling. Hedging allows you to minimize your risk, without losing possible benefits.

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