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Trading CFDs and Forex involves significant risk of loss
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What is a CFD

What is a CFD?

CFDs (Contracts For Difference) are terms which will be charged time independently with a cash compensation from the difference between the buy and sell price of a financial instrument. Investors are able to speculate uncomplicated and low-priced to rising and falling prices of the underlying of a CFDs. Underlyings are based on indices, commodities, metals and bonds.

Because CFDs are leveraged products, you can benefit from the price changes in your prefered underlyings and you just have to invest a small amount of the actual value - whether you are speculating on falling or rising prices. When trading, you deposit a safety amount (margin) which represents only a small part of the actual underlying. You will receive a "leverage" on your invested capital which could be by a factor up to 1:100. Please keep in mind that a higher selected leverage will raise the chances to win or to loose.

GBE brokers Ltd offers CFDs on underlying value only which are traded at tight and price sensitive market prices on the futures exchanges. CFDs on shares are virtual products, there is no adequate global interbank or futures trading, that they are aware not offered. Because of this strategy GBE brokers Ltd has never excluded a customer by trade and will never do so in the future.

Currently GBE brokers Ltd offers 20 CFDs on different indices, commodities, precious metals like gold and silver and bonds. A high fungibility is secured at all times.

The advantages of CFD trading at one view

CFD - Trading Example

You buy 100 CFDs at a price of 100 Euros per CFD. You have then a placed trade value on the capital market of 10,000 Euros. Because of the margin for example 1%, your margin is only 100 Euros. After a few hours the value of the acquired CFDs rises from 100 Euro to 101 Euro. If you sell, you would generate a profit of 1 Euro per CFD. With 100 traded CFDs the profit is 100 €. You would double your margin in this example. Please have in your mind that you may generate also losses in the same amount.

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